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About BESA

A unique voice, emotional sound & innovative creative flavor 

As a Pop Artist, Besa's music is a unique blend of different genres, including pop, electronic, R&B, ballad. Her music is known for its catchy hooks and relatable lyrics. Besa's exuberant performances are always full of creativity, suspense, unique touch of a colorful world of emotions. She has a strong & long lasting connection with her fans even though she has been away for a number of years, hooked on her French & English Album. Besa is a very active Animal Rights Ambassador and a keen activists on social causes & equality.

Besa Kokëdhima often referred to as Besa is a multi award-winning Albanian singer. She is known also for winning the tenth edition of Kënga Magjike with "Tatuazh në Zemër" (Tattooed heart) and the sixth edition of Top Fest with "Engjëjt vrasin Njëlloj" (Angels kill the same) & an activist on social causes of freedom, equality, animal rights, violence against women & discrimination.



Besa Kokëdhima was born in Fier, Albania to Koço Kokëdhima, a mathematician and entrepreneur, and Brixhida Kokëdhima, also a mathematician. Her family roots lead back to Qeparo, Breg region, in Vlorë District. As a child, Besa aspired to be a singer. She was known locally for her singing in school and local talent shows and competitions. Aged 13, she firstly publicly appeared on Radio Televizioni Shqiptar. According to both Besa and her parents, they felt reluctant to encourage her to pursue a musical career, however, she was continually taking piano lessons. At the age of 15 she moved to the United Kingdom as a high school student. At that same year, she recorded her 1st Cover record, "Street Symphony" by Monica. A year later, her debut song "Më Beso" written by highly successful producer Florian Mumajesi, a featuring with then newly formed Albanian group Produkt 28, resulted a success, being awarded the Major Prize in "Mikorofoni i Artë" 2003. The Hit song granted her more public recognition. At the age of 19 she returned to Albania, and started working on her debut album which was published in 2006.


Music & Achievements

Besa stands out for her very distinctive voice, and very emotional deliverance of songs. Her passionate approach to music makes her one of the dearest artists in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.

At the age of 19 she permanently returned and settled in Albania, and started working on her debut album which was published on July 29, 2006. Her album "Besa" resulted in high sales for its big hits at the time "Zonja dhe Zotërinj", "Mëngjesi Im Je Ti" "Lëshoje Hapin" etc. Her debut album was written in collaboration with well-known Albanian music industry personalities such as Dorian Gjoni, Florian Mumajesi, Genti Lako, Andy DJ, Stine etc.


She was chosen to represent Albania at the MTV Exit Concert, later that year. In 2006, she participated in "Notafest" Music Contest in Macedonia, where she was awarded the Jury's 1st prize with successful R&B single "Lëshoje Hapin". She participated in Albanian Music Contest "Kënga Magjike" both in 2006 & 2007 which she was awarded respectively "Best Dance" with "Tani të Dua" and "Jon Music" with "Pa Yllin Tënd".

In Top Fest another major Albanian festival, she was awarded "Best Pop & Rock" in 2007 with her hit "Unik" (Unique) and in 2008 she won the Internet Prize Award and eventually won the festival with her hit song "Engjëjt Vrasin Njëlloj". The song remained a hit for many following years.

In 2009 she tried to represent Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest with the English-penned song "Nothin' Gonna Change" and reached the Semi-finals.

She won the Best Performance award for her participation in Ohrid Fest, an international music festival in Ohrid, Macedonia representing Albania with "Versus", a rock song. In 2010, she returned to Top Fest, and was awarded the Best Female Singer with her single "Kalorësi i Natës". The single was later associated with an official music video. She collaborated with well-known Kosovo singer Jehona Sopi for their feminist spirited R&B single "Nuk jam ajo" (I'm not her) which was released in October 2010.

In 2011, Besa released her new single "Always on My Mind", which was recorded in English.

Besa returned to "Kënga Magjike" 2011, after four years of absence, with "Botën do ndryshoja" (I'd change the world). The lyrics conveyed an inspiring message for a love, big enough to change the world. The song was warded the Critic's Award and finished third.

In 2012 Besa published her new single "Fishekzjarre" (Fireworks), as a competing entry in the Top Fest. The single resulted to be very successful and was awarded with the Radio Hit Award later that year.

She worked in Romania in 2013, on her new songs and released "Burning" which featured Romanian DJ LLP. In the Summer of 2013 Besa published a music video for her single "Folie", which became an instant hit.

In August 2013, Besa was invited to perform in Sopot International Song Festival in Sopot, Poland where she performed "Fishekzjarre". The contest featured some of Europe's greatest names in present music such as Loreen, Imany, Caro Emerald etc. In September 2013, she was invited to represent Albania in "Türkçe Vizyon 2013", the Turkish Music Festival. She performed a live rendition of "Gül Pembe" by Barış Manço.

In October 2013 Besa returned to "Kenga Magjike" with "Tatuazh në Zemër" (Tattooed heart). The song was composed by Darko Dimitrov and written by Alban Skenderaj. In a tough competition with Albania's greatest names in the music industry, Besa won the contest. She also won the Best Dance Award that same night.

In December 2013, Besa published her special holiday EP "Besa për Festat - EP", with 8 English traditional songs adopted in the Albanian language. All tracks were accompanied by music videos featuring Besa and the National Orchestra performing in the center of the capital's venue, decorated in a Christmas theme.The tracks were produced by well known Darko Dimitrov, Edi Balili, Klodian Qafoku and Mario Deda. It also featured a Christmas Version of winner song "Tatuazh ne Zemer" ft. Darko Dimitrov.

In 2014 Besa published "Zemrën Dot Nuk ta Lexoj" featuring Albanian rapper 2Po2, which was later accompanied with a music video. "Zemrën Dot Nuk ta Lexoj" (I can't read your mind)."Zemrën Dot Nuk ta Lexoj" is one of the most successful ballads of 2014.

In May 2014, Besa released "Mbretëreshë" (Queen), which gained positive feedback. In late-July she released "Zejemër" (from Zemër, Eng. Sweetheart) with TDS' lead singer Dr.Mic. In late-July she released "Zejemër" (from Zemër,Eng. Sweetheart) with TDS' lead singer Dr. Mic. "Zejemër" received great feedback and commercial success. In early August Besa also released video-single "Arabia" (Faj Eng.Sin) featuring German rapper Gmd Babydave.Video was shot in Cyprus landscapes and oriental architecture.

In Decembre 2014, Besa published Christmas single and Album Ti Je Festa Ime. "Ti Je Festa Ime" (You are my Fiesta) EP was the second edition of Besa për Festat, the first Christmas Album published by the artist in December 2013.

The single received positive feedback and the Album was one of the most well received projects of the year. Besa is also considered the first artist in Balkan which has made a tradition of Holiday and Christmas Albums in Albanian Language. Single "Ti je Festa Ime' was written & produced by highly recognized Darko Dimitrov and lyrics were written by Alex and Besa. The video projected all the beauty and magic of Christmas and the Holiday Season. The Album also featured covers of Christmas classics in Albanian Language, those too released later as clips.

On the 14th of February 2015, Besa released new video single " #14 " .The powerful ballad was firstly presented on Mad Secret Concert which was held on the same day. The concert featured a recital by Besa and Jericho vocalist Petrit Carkaxhiu, held by Mad TV in Albania.


In 2014,  Besa published International Hit Single "Amelia". The song was promoted by International Music label "Roton Music". The video-single received great reviews and the song became an early Summer Hit.
In August 2015 Besa released innovative RnB underground single "All in".
The song was in collaboration with popular Hit-maker Flori Mumajesi and Vicky DJ.


Besa has also published two holiday albums titled "Besa për Festat" and "Ti Je Festa Ime".
Besa për Festat consisted of 8 traditional English songs adopted in the Albanian language. The tracks were accompanied by music videos featuring Besa and the National Orchestra. The album also featured a Christmas Version of the song "Tatuazh ne Zemer." The album Ti Je Festa Ime received positive reviews, and one article called the album "one of the most well-received projects of the year".

In 2017 Besa was a coach at "the Voice of Albania". She was voted the favourite judge of the season. She released "Mos m'le me ra" ft Elinel, a powerful ballad with electronic/underground vibes. She also went on to stduy jazz in Paris. In 2018  she did "The DIVAS" a concert featuring 4 big Albanian Names. In 2019, while in Paris, she released "Amor" & "La La la". In 2019 she also released "History" initially a competing entry in "Kenga Magjike 2019". She dropped the festival after deadly earthquake fatally hit urban areas in Albania resulting in countless victims. 

In 2020 she wrote and performed "C'est la vie" ft Bledbeats,  advocating protection for women victims of domestic violence.
She later dropped "One" & "Don" ft greek rapper ILLeoO.
In 2021 she released a remake of an iconic folk Albanian song "Margjelo" with italian Dj Garrido. While in Paris, Besa worked on her international music album in French & English. In 2022 Besa made her debut in France with French ballad "En Equilibre" in June 2022.The debut single got positive feedback.

"En Equilibre" is the first of her upcoming debut album in the French Music Industry. in 2022, she released combo music video tracks, "Si kalama" ft Lyrical Son & Machoman. She also did "A live Night" solo concert with Top Albania Radio. In 2023, she released "Tiki tiki" & Futboll Team  "Apollonia" anthem which she wrote & performed.

In 2023, she was selected to compete in the Festivali i Këngës 62 with the song "Zemrën n'dorë" co-written with Albanian composer & producer Kledi Bahiti. 

Besa has announced "Zemren n'dore is getting a revamp. In January 2024, Besa released "Inshallah" which she wrote & performed in French, also featuring French rapper Impar.
Besa has announced she also has an electronic Album ft Albanian Dj & producer Marin Hoxha.
Besa shares her life between Paris/France & Tirana/Albania.

She has 3 cats, and 6 stray dogs she has rescued from the streets of Albania. Besa is very actively involved in social causes in the protection of Animals, the Environment, Women victims of Domestic violence & charity fundraisers supporting orphaned children. 

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